D. Capital Partners, a Dalberg company, is the investment advisory arm of Dalberg, facilitating the placement of impact capital into emerging markets and impact investments with offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, London and Washington DC. As a mission-driven investment company, we use the incentives and instruments of disciplined finance and investing to provide transparent and efficient capital solutions to development problems. To this end, we work with a wide spectrum of clients: public and private actors, investors and asset managers, sector catalysts and entrepreneurs, all of whom share a common goal of using capital to boost private sector development while achieving financial, social, and environmental impact. 

D. Capital Partner’s experience and core expertise includes:

  • Investment strategy: Formulating investment hypotheses and theories of change that can be translated into concrete implementation steps to generate financial and social returns.
  • Transaction sourcing and execution: Tapping into our extensive network to generate a transactions pipeline robust enough to meet the specific goals of the investment strategy.
  • Assembling and managing capital vehicles: Designing innovative and effective financing structures while mobilizing capital from diverse sources to fund such vehicles.
  • Portfolio management: Drawing on our extensive experience in emerging markets to extract investor value, manage risk, and achieve development impact.

Our approach is to act as an intermediary for principal investors across a range of investment classes to ensure efficient capital deployment and enhance liquidity and transparency, particularly in nascent markets.

Our services are to provide tailor made financial offerings to principal investors, including: (i) innovative financing solutions design and (ii) impact investment advisory.

  • Innovative finance refers to a range of approaches to mobilize resources and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of financial flows that address social and environmental challenges. For D. Capital this means designing and structuring new financial tools and products to serve new markets and bring in new investors.
  • We offer customized impact investing advice on: (1) one-off transaction buy-side advisory, (2) ongoing impact investment strategy, & (3) large scale impact investing engagement structuring. Our services include: investment strategy/thesis development, pipeline building, due diligence, investment landscape analysis.